Two of man’s greatest strengths are compassion and service. It is through compassion for his fellow man that he finds a way to relate in a time of need and to offer a helping hand of service. It is through his willingness to serve that he becomes aware of the true magic of selflessness and the amazing power of the human spirit.

Hakim Isler                                  

Founder, The SOIL Foundation


We also provide adult camps for an escape from the over commitment and stress of the fast pace, but monotonous every day. To these seekers, The SOIL Foundation offers a place for relaxation, fun, and adventure. These retreats are for individuals and families wishing to enjoy time away while making new friends in a rewarding yet self-rejuvenating place.

At The SOIL Foundation our primary focus is to provide outdoor bushcraft retreats (primitive and non-primitive) for military and public safety personnel such as law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency medical service, and others who have suffered from overwhelming stress while in service to our Nation and communities. Stress that has manifested in their personal life as a series of mental and emotional challenges, which impedes living healthy, happy, and connected lives. These courses allow for individual participation, and may include family for support in events and tasks that rely on teamwork.

Our secondary purpose is to provide outings for troubled and underprivileged youth and their families. This provides a safe retreat where they can deal with the emotional and social struggles of modern youth.